Standard interfaces are provided, but, the order is not necessarily ideal. Though the maximum volume could be higher, the sound of the two speakers, which are located left and right above the keyboard, is alright. At the right front part it provides scrolling regions, but, they are not marked in any way. The key feedback can be characterized by an early point of pressure and a hard stop. Vertically and horizontally the viewing angles are appropriate. The Toshiba Satellite A is one of the reasonable consumer notebooks. Many thanks to the company MediaMarkt Wels , which kindly provided us with the reviewed notebook.

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According to our measurements the luminance is Nonetheless, it has a appealing case, which looks good on every desk. The measured surface temperatures were at the top and at the bottom side very low. Because of the layout, whereas the F-keys are a little moved to the back and the cursor keys are a little separated from the other keys, the keyboard seems spacious and clearly structured.

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TOSHIBA Need the modem chip name of Satellite AAX – TOSHIBA FORUM

Especially consumers seem to be still attracted by glossy surfaces and colored lids. The same is true for the pictures of these parts. As a matter of a200, the hinges cannot prohibit a clear see-saw of the display.


The reflecting WXGA display has a good contrast ratio. We especially liked the used shapes. The brightness isn’t very high too. The key feedback can be characterized by an early point of pressure and a hard 1az.

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At least indoors, we had the personal impression that the brightness is sufficient and the display alright. The a2000 speakers are appropriate for music. Under load the Satellite A is as loud that some might already be annoyed. The look of the keys, which appear to be a little edgymatches the feel.

Review Toshiba Satellite A200-1O6 Notebook

So, the noise level is alright Temperature The measured surface temperatures a200 at the top and at the bottom side very low. Still, indoors it is alright.

Furthermore, its brightness is not sufficient to guarantee an adequate contrast. Many thanks to the company MediaMarkt Welswhich kindly provided us with a2000 reviewed notebook. The fan of the Toshiba Satellite AO6 runs all the timeeven in idle mode or when x200 office applications. Under load the runtime is just above one hour. Additionally, the opening angle of the lid is constricted. The input deviceskeyboard and touch pad, are user-friendly.


Satellite AAX – Toshiba

The Toshiba AO6 is not really fit for outdoor usage. Though it is clearly audibleits noise is not really annoying. Anyway, the notebook is considered for office applications. It can attract all those who do not want to spend too much money.

However, how about the other qualities of the case? The current design by Toshiba looks good. So, aa200 AO6 is optimized for office applicationsbut, it still has some reserve capacities for multimedia and video applications.

So, the notebook is really fit for intensive typing and office applications. First of all it heavily reflects, if the incidence of light is bad.

Furthermore, the case looks nice and also scores points regarding stability. Overall typing is user-friendlyif you do not prefer soft and springy keys.