Instead of dedicated knobs, it uses a matrix approach to parameter access, similar to that of the Micro Q or even the DSI Evolver , placing its most used parameters at hand with an easily navigated screen-based menu system to get to the deeper levels. Waldorf Blofeld – this is techno. On the other hand, the LED screen is excellent, clear and bright, and the keyboard version has a very nice key-bed with aftertouch plus pitch and mod wheels. I know that somewhere on this board is a post regarding freezing on v1. I don’t know if it was all just co-incidence, thought I have feeling I may have refreshed the machine’s OS. I was listening to the Blofeld on YT and loved the sounds so I bought a barely used one was aware of the encoder problem on the Blofelds , despite

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Analog modelingWavetableFM.

I tried to upgrade the firmware to v1. Log in Forgot your password? I bought an IConnect December Blofeld Keyboard: It is available as a small desktop unit and as a 49 key velocity and aftertouch sensitive keyboard version. For ysb editing, flip through the menu pages using the main encoder and then adjust the active parameters using the two knobs under the screen. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Blofeld Firmware

Overall, the filters sound great, from smooth to aggressive, even if they are merely digitally modeled affairs. However, since the engine is enormously deep, almost any sound can be approximated with careful programming. Though its outer metal shell remains ridiculously tough and heavyconnectors and knobs seem to be flimsy and prone to damage. The Blofeld does not have an internal sequencer but it makes up for that with an extensive arpeggiator.

This compact and affordable wavetable synthesizer boasts bloffeld of the most complex digital engines on the market and is well equipped to compete with other powerful digital synthesizers such as the Alesis Ion and Access Virus TI Snow.

Waldorf Blofeld

Waldorf Blofeld encoders – will stand the test of time? Archived from the original on 15 September Arpeggios of up to 16 steps can be programmed with individual settings of swing, glide, accent and note length for each step.

Sonically the Blofeld tends toward metallic, digital timbres, overdriven electric noises, earth shattering basses and icy pads. Some require a specific sample licence – again at an additional cost. Modulation – Modulation Matrix with 16 Slots, freely programmable. It was all working fine up untill yesterday afternoon when it blfoeld stopped being recognised by the computer over usb.


In addition to the analog modeling and wavetable synthesis, there is oscillator syncing, ring modulation and a noise source with controllable color.

Waldorf Blofeld | Vintage Synth Explorer

I rolled to firmware back to v1. Notable users PsychoticaSusanne Sundfor. It is probably not, however, the first choice for faithful analog recreations. Every part has its own MIDI channel, key and velocity range, so complex multitimbral setups are possible.

A number of sound packs are available for purchase. This page was last edited on 5 Septemberat Everything was fine for a few days then it just lost the usb connectivity. Programmed arpeggios can be saved with each patch as well.

Keyboard – 49 keys, velocity and aftertouch sensitive. Filter – 2 independent Multi Mode Filters bloefld voice: Start Prev 1 Next End. Loaded soundset into Waldorf Blofeld Images from Perfect Circuit Audio and Waldorf.

Samples are loaded through the Spectre app where they can be freely assigned to the desired keys, even multisamples are supported.