I haven’t taken the device apart yet to see what physical package the flash chip uses. At that point adding support for the adapter was easy as all the drivers of the single components were already in the kernel, even the remote control mapping was there: The firmware was extracted from the USB dumps too, by first using parse-sniffusb2. Found chipset “Intel Bay Trail”. Let me know if there is interest for that, in that case I would be more motivated to put some time in that sooner rather than later.

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I thought they had something to do with some chip identification, and in fact by following the mx driver code you can derive that this communication means more or less: Reverse engineering Artlantis Object Format files.

I am even thinking about applying the technique to ferris wheelshas anyone got one I can borrow? However these solutions are still shady and let no control to the user about who collects the information about the visited user timelines.

[linux-dvb] Digicom DigiTune USB2 DVB-T dongle (Twinhan VP-7045?)

The principle behind it is the same as those cool POV Persistence of vision displays. For technical details, check out the posts about the hardware and the the software used to make the photographs below.


Are you the publisher? W” kB, SPI mapped at physical address 0xff Mix sport, technology and art and you get the perfect project. Modificare un file binario sostituendo alcune sue regioni con quelle di digiclm altro file binario.

Digicom Digitune-S UsbSnoop dump. Try to flash the chip at 1. I am sharing the crackpop script in case someone will need to crack their own POP3 account Tweeper now requires the URL of the public timeline as the argument, the Twitter screen name is not enough anymore; this is in order to uniform usage with different sites.

Hacking a USB blood pressure meter. While testing the digithne I’ve found out sigitune signal reception improves when the little antenna with the magnetic base is on top of some metal object, I put mine on top of a candy tin box and I can get a few more channels, from what I read the physical principle that makes this work is the one of the ground plane of a monopole antenna.


[linux-dvb] Digicom DigiTune USB2 DVB-T dongle (Twinhan VP-7045)

Page 1 2 newer. A micro-controller small enough to fit inside the rope handle: Per quanto 4 weeks 3 days ago Ah, thanks for the 8 weeks 14 hours ago Yes it works.

Artlantis Object Format files are written by Artlantisa closed source 3D modeling and rendering software, the data in them is about 3D scenes camera, lighting, etc. Figicom you are into hardware and want to help me realize a better prototype, get in touch. Get it from the Tweeper source code repository. I did steal some code from Blinkinlabs, tho. Ironically the bolt gives a lightsaber kind of look to the JMP-rope handle.


No DMI table found. I ran into some.

Digicom DigiTUNE PRO manual

digithne With the cool exrex python modulegenerating the strings was a breeze. Teclast X98 Air 3G: The user manual of the device says that when connected to the PC the unit cannot perform pressure measurements, well this is not completely true, there is a command to start a new measurement via USB, however I didn’t find how to restore USB communication after the measurement.

Here is the full dmesg log. An external battery pack could also be used and kept into an arm pocket, one of those used by runners to carry cell phones or MP3 players. A small momentary push button.

Comments Post new comment Your name: I used a mAh lipo batterya bigger one would have not fit into the handle. The hardware of the first JMP-rope prototype is very simple: