When the system is in abnormal state, the alert lamp color is red. Alert lamp When the system is in healthy state, the color of alert lamp is green. To print the manual completely, please, download it. With advanced overclocking capability and a range of connectivity features for today multi-media computing requirements, P41A Series enables you to unleash more power from your computer. You should install the drivers in order, and you need to restart your computer after all the drivers have been installed.

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With P41aa information, system maker can easily analyze and troubleshoot your mother- board if there is any problem occurred. Remove protective socket cover. Foxconn products are engineered to maximize computing power, providing only what you need for break-through performance. The status of the computer before it entering STR will be saved in memory, and the computer can quickly return to previous state when the STR function wakes.

Description of Jumpers 1. The following procedures use Foxconn cooler as the example.

It also allows users to monitor various temperature values, voltage values, frequencies and fan speeds at any time. This section explains how to use the p41q functions of this motherboard by changing the jumper settings. Comments to this Manuals Foxcconn Name.


All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. This chapter introduces the hardware installation process, including the installation of the CPU, memory, power supply, slots, pin headers and the mounting of jumpers. This ensures that the BIOS will always be available and will not be damaged fozconn disk failures. Below is a listing of different standards of Ethernet and additional information about each of them.

Page 48 The utility CD that came with the motherboard contains useful software and several utility drivers that enhance the motherboard features.

Foxconn P41A-G motherboards specifications

When the system is in abnormal state, the alert lamp color is red. Front USB Connectors 3. You can see the system is raising CPU clock until the system hangs.

You fixconn to run the Setup Program when the following cases occur: Page 4 Declaration of conformity Trade Name: If you choose Flash Boot Block, it means BIOS is not protective, and you must make sure the flash process is continuous and without any interruption.

Before installing the CPU, make sure to turn off the computer and unplug the power cord from the power outlet to prevent damage to the CPU. Detailed descriptions of the BIOS parameters are also provided. This cable helps make a much easier cable p41q and offers better airflow in the computer when compared to the earlier ribbon cables used with ATA drives.


The extension of this backup file is “.

Foxconn P41A-G, LGA /Socket T, Intel Motherboard | eBay

Alternatively referred to as a bus slot or expansion port, an expansion slot is connection or foxconnn located inside a computer on the motherboard or riser board that allows a computer hardware expansion card to be connected.

Click this button to foxconn the program. After you enable the auto search function, FOX LiveUpdate will start its searching from Internet and if any qualified item found, it will pop out a message on the task bar to inform you to do the next step.

Page 22 IrDA Connector: Installing a Memory Before installing a memory module, make sure to turn off the computer and unplug the power cord from the power outlet to prevent damage to the memory module.

Foxconn P41A-G, LGA 775/Socket T, Intel Motherboard

To select which message of system settings are to be displayed in the Simple Mode. Minimum value is 1 second. Fullerton, CA Telephone: Page 55 Step 1: Caution should be exercised during the installation of these modules.

Configuration This menu allows you to configure: