Apple is not a tech company. As a caveat, and as others have mentioned, yes this card is very big. Initial design featured 14 layers, the current has 10 whereas the new P PCB design will feature only 8 layers. New item that you can order before we receive stock. Newsletter Sign Up Register now for the latest products and special offers! For details, go to www. Goes Like Hell, overclocks like heaven.

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Conclusion It’s not every day that you see a card that’s priced this close to reference card, and at the same time packs non-reference cooling. Averages at 35 ish. Initial design featured 14 layers, the current gainard 10 whereas the new P PCB design will feature only 8 layers.

Benchmarking and Conclusion All Tgx. By the end of last year, the GTX got a smaller and cheaper 55nm chip, and at the same time Nvidia started using the new P design that replaced the older P, which housed the 65nm GT chip. Benchmarking and Conclusion All Pages. Stock level indicator Close.

Golden Sample card got new looks, and at the same time the PCB went through some changes. The item is out of stock and estimated delivery date is not known at this time. Let us remind you a bit of what this card is all about.


GeForce GTX | Specifications | GeForce

The annoying bit is the end plastic moulding doesn’t cover anything meaning Gaihward had to reconfigure my PC for a bit of unnecessary plastic fairing! I got it to replace my old and the difference, as expected, is night and day.

Decent price, kept me updated with progress, well packed and they chucked in some sweeties! Seeing such high memory speed, we were wondering whether Gainward used different memory on this card, but we found the same Samsung gainwarv. Previously I could run most new games only in medium or low settings, and even then only at about 30fps.

Gainward GTX260 1792MB

Corsair Dominator Provided by: Ask a question Compare. I had to take them off altogether to get the card to sit right.

The graphics processor runs at MHz, which 26 50MHz higher than reference. This way they can both be easily controlled, but both spin at same speeds. Underneath the hood, which at the same time supports the fans, is a large aluminum heatsink with 3 heatpipes.

The only thing where this card falls short is its idle mode consumption. To be able to use Overclockers UK in full range, we recommend activating Javascript in your browser. Consumption We see that the GLH card consumes about the same as the overclocked HD card, which is great considering gainwaard card is faster.


With the latest Nvidia drivers, I’ve seen no graphical glitches and experienced no crashes as of yet.

Note however that both fans run at same speeds. We see that powering both fans is done via the same cable, which is connected to the 4-pin pinhead connector at the end of the PCB. Excellent service and super fast delivery. I had to remove a case fan to fit it in to my Antec Sonata case luckily the fan was disabled anywayso bear that in mind if you’re considering buying it.

Excellent prompt service, thanks. The company rolled out a faster card with more shader processors SPs instead ofand additionally juiced up the drivers, which greatly benefited gaming.

Intel Core 2 QX Extreme edition na 3. The graphics processor runs at MHz, which is 50MHz higher than reference. Add to that the fact that the card comes overclocked and we clearly have a winner on our hands. Idle mode will result in some 10W lower consumption compared to the HD The fans are mounted on the plastic hood, which is separated from the rest of the cooler.