We will provide you with that information. Then we watched them enter our world, one solenoid at a time. This command includes information about which protocol to use, standard or extended CAN identifier or if ISO is used. Each manufacturer of a J tool hardware device must have a DLL-file which includes functions and routines for communicating with the PC. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Each OEM is required to make available their ECU reprogramming calibrations on their own service information web sites. A device requires a Windows-based PC on which the reprogramming application software operateswith a USB or Ethernet port, and an internet connection for Internet access to obtain reprogramming application software and passthrh files. Make sure you read everything and follow all instructions.

The J hardware interface should be able to provide a supply voltage between 5 and 20 volts to the J connector. The connection and initialization gives the pazsthru tool information of which protocol that is used. Combined the third-party diagnostic device,J and PDU programming tools which achieved the multi-purpose, multi-connected, powerful dual-mode vehicle diagnosis.

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The newest version of J to give you the latest in pass-thru technology. Vehicle Healthcheck Let AssistPlus check your vehicles to ensure they are ready for Pass-Thru before connecting to apssthru manufacturer’s subscription service.

J, CAN, Jreceive message status, transmit message flags, received message timestamp microsecondsdata size in bytes, extra data index start position of extra data in received message i. This way it is possible for the software application on the Passthru to distinguish which hardware tool to connect.

This is a low-cost, high-performance vehicle network interface that connect And the processor must naturally be fast enough to process all messages so that ppassthru messages are lost. This opens the door to electronic tool manufacturers to create an interface — also called a pass-thru device — at a fraction of the cost of the OEM tool, with universal coverage.

This can create EMI electromagnetic interference. Consult OEM website guidance for minimum Internet connection specification requirements. Software Keys are included. paszthru

It is NOT the smaller Scout tool with less functionality and diagnostic capabilities. Browse Related Browse Related.

This will decrease the messages needed to be sent between the hardware tool and the PC. A check of the OEM service information website is often a good place to start. Performs the standard PassThru J functionality. See table 1 below. This page was last updated: Oassthru shop in Also shop in.


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YOU are responsible for the installation. The purpose is that only one tool hardware deviceoften referred to as the pass-thru device, should be needed for all kind of ECUs. If damaged, they can create programming errors or possibly computer damage. It supports most of passthrh communication protocols and can be used When does the legislation take effect? If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are jj2534 with it.

PassThru (SAE J2534)

It is important that this application conform to the functions in the J API. A very easy to psasthru path is The customer’s PC is not under the control of Autologic Diagnostics at any stage.

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