Err-5 Display panel error Check the connection of the display panel cable. Use this function when the reflective ratio of the target changes drastically in a short cycle. Page 52 2 Operations and Functions during Measurement Setting the Display Value Instantaneously to Zero Auto-Zero 2 This section describes the auto-zero function, which is used for referencing zero-point position. The decimal point is ignored. Set the OUT No.

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Fixed length of a single character: Checking content Is the unit properly wired? Set the cutoff frequency. Page 3 Function Settings 5 6 3 7 Press the key, and specify the program No. Enters the tolerance setting mode.

The normal mode returns when any key is pressed. Page 49 2 Operations and Functions during Measurement Setting the Tolerance Comparator Value This section describes how to read the tolerance comparator display, and its setting procedure.

Don’t see a manual you are looking for? The function and setting value of each type is shown below. Function Function Function Function No.

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Refer to page for the normal mode and communication mode. Tell us about it. In such a case, mount the head for mirror reflection.

Press the key, and select “A-2” with the key. Page 90 3 Function Settings Measuring with Offset You can add or subtract any value to or from the displayed value. Be sure to read this section thoroughly before using the LK-G Series.


Specifications : LK-G series | KEYENCE Philippines

Checking content Is the number of times for averaging properly set? Press the key to return to the mea- surement state. Function A Function Function No.

Releases the holding when the measurement value is reset. This section describes the Program No.

Cannot communicate via the RSC. When the mutual interference prevention function is set to ON, the two heads emit the laser beam alternately to evade the interference from the other. Display Panel Two protrusions Display panel fixing case optional 2 Fix the display panel with the panel attachment ring, and connect the cm display cable optional. Symptom Checking content Nothing is displayed on Are the controller and the the monitor display.

Erroneous operations can thus be prevented even if an operation key is mistakenly touched. Refer to “List of Default Values and Setting Ranges” page for the setting range and its restriction.

Page l-kgd500 3 Function Settings Stabilizing the Measurement by Filtering The following three types of function can be set for the filter. Reference The display panel fixing screw does not drop from the display panel fixing case.


Page 5 RSC Measurement Control Command Format This section describes the command format to control the measurement such as incoming commands that the LK-G Series can receive during the measurement, and the response commands that are to be sent after properly processing the incoming commands.

Remedy Set the number of times for averaging properly. The Eco mode is activated kfyence 10 seconds after the last key operation during lo-gd500 measurement mode.

The measurement value display becomes zero. Target workpiece Description b-0 nor al Normal Select this setting in normal cases. If you want the sampling to be performed more quickly, modify it to perform faster or when the received light is extremely dim, modify it to perform more slowly. Page 56 2 Operations and Functions during Measurement Performing Statistical Computation with the Measurement Value 2 Statistical computation with the measurement value can be performed.

The setting contents of the function No.