Just like you I get the very dark image, although the frame rate seems to be good, the motion is smooth. This bug will remain open against the actively developed kernel bug against ie the linux kernel task but the linux-ubuntu- modules- 2. This are the versions: Site graciously hosted by Sourceforge. Bus Device This has the effect of setting the video devices parent device, and then HAL will create the correct entry:. To get the focus control working see this tread in the forum or this tutorial in Italian language Jan-8 Logitech Quick Cam Pro uvcvideo d:

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Steve Conklin sconklin on Download it from our Sourceforge release page. Only the first frame is captured and then it seems frozen, but those problems are out of the scope of this bug report. Btw, the CVS repository says that the quickam directory is 5yo, while the qc-usb is 2yo. My skype version is the Skype-static version 2.


Or, remove pulseaudio and select mic manually in skype options. What data are missing to let this bug be solved? Now hit the test button.


Comment on this change optional. Good luck for lgoitech Clive Rodeo darrellstorey wrote on Hi, this is what I got My computer wasn’t seeing my webcam at all after the upgrade but we were able to install the correct drivers for the logitech quickcam chat.

qc-usb: Linux Driver for Quickcam USB cameras

Finally, I believe that no quckcam fdi file for quickcam should be created, if it is possible to handle everything within the driver. It looks like it isn’t UVC compliant so we installed the gspa drivers. You should then be able to test via a LiveCD. Maybe as a workaround a custom. Skype now has video ….

For these cameras, you might be able to use the SPCA5xx driverwhich incorporates and, evidently, obsoletes this experimental driver. It contains a superset qce-ga’s features and is the preferred driver. The output from cheese is overexposed and a strange green colour, but at least it was a picture of sorts. lpgitech

I have a copy of skypeforlinux The problem you had about something being undefined is because of a change in the kernel, that the qc-usb source in the ubuntu tree got adapted to, but the qyickcam on sf. Yes Out of the box 6. This ubungu will remain open against the actively developed kernel bug against ie the linux kernel task but the linux-ubuntu- modules- 2.


Dear Sebastian, you’re definitely right. Visit the following links: I have same issue.

If you need more information, please ask. I built the driver this way: Partners Support Community Ubuntu. Unfortunately it still doesn’t work in 0. Still can’t tell if this is a hal or driver or cheese problem.

Logitech Webcam Support

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