Please check this post for details http: My undertanding is that the Super Talent drives do not have good transfer speeds at all. You are missing the point of the Mini-Notebooks. Any intermediate user will swap the memory and disk after a while. I’m sure this won’t settle all arguments about solid state vs spinning hard drives, but its good to get a decent comparison of the two, given all other components are the same. I think if I had had more time, I’d try installing some heavy apps like Photoshop or Premiere and using apptimer to test open times, but then again I don’t know how many target Wind users would attempt photo or video editing on the system. Archived from the original on

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Views Read Edit View history. This article’s factual accuracy may be compromised ms to out-of-date information. If the above possible advantages are of paramount importantance to someone, then the ‘investment’ in an SSD is worth the cost.

Does the Wind do that? Averatec Buddy Netbook 13 Octobernews. June 16th, at 1: Anything else is a bonus. July 9th, at 5: I agree with Jitin, parallel data access in netbooks is expected and needs to be undserstood and benchmarked.

As pointed out in an earlier post by sxta above, the speed appears to be capped by the mobo as well. June 12th, at 1: To sum up this article: Don’t forget jsi performance improvement. Sandisks are not the faster one in the market, they ms the cheaper and long time ago the worse. The boot time remained steady at seconds and the time to open applications like Internet Explorer was no shorter. June 12th, at 5: In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Do you have other wund mobo’s in house. Now if they can just go ahead and release the MSI Wind I can try it out myself instead of having to read all these reviews about it!


There would also be lots of drive activity going on after the boot so wibd thought was a SSD would make things boot up faster and there would little to no drive activity after. Note that Vista and Windows 7 don’t have this problem since their partitioning agent during OS install aligns partitions more intelligently.

One thing everyone seems to be forgetting; power consumption! I’m sure this won’t settle all arguments about solid state vs spinning hard drives, but its good to get a decent comparison of the two, given all other components are the same.

MSI Wind No Faster With SSD

How much worth Clevo gtx sli? Simply because we have no other wijd at this time. What Notebook Should I Buy? Not so with the netbook.

However, I really expect an SSD to be a drop-in replacement for a hard disk; the argument is that “Windows XP is practically 8 years old and was never intended for this”, and that’s a fair argument, but my point still stands.


Can you clarifiy your understanding. Thanks for clarifying where you’re coming from. March 13th, at 6: The other thing everyone seems to be forgetting is durability – an SSD has no moving parts.

We had to send our Wind unit back, but I think it would be interesting for mdi to devise some kind of standard test for all systems to measure parallel access performance in a real-world setting. While a fast SSD on a netbook will initially seem impressive, just like on a faster platform, all it is offering is ‘snappiness’ and not an increase in actual productivity.

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Everything went smoothly and the system functioned just as before. I was just thinking that a fast read and normal write performance would be perfect for boot time, web surfing, media comsumption, and other netbook type activities. satw

Apparently you have to align the filesystem partition properly for SSDs, otherwise your speed is more or less halved.